Satiereal Saffron Extract – A Comprehensive Review

Satiereal Saffron Extract for weight management

Satiereal Saffron Extract is one of the products that have recently hit the market, and it is already receiving a lot of feedback from nutritionists, physicians, and highly satisfied customers. Prior to trying to this product, it is only prudent to gather as much information and relevant facts as to what Satiereal Saffron Extract is and how it actually works as a weight loss aid.

Effective weight loss and weight management are two things that many people aspire to, albeit only very few actually obtain the results they want. In the course of trying to shed off extra pounds, many people encounter several so-called weight loss miracle products, most of which are nothing but hyped-up merchandise that do not produce results and are sometimes even harmful to human health.

Since it is imperative to maintain a healthy body (which entails not only losing weight but also maintaining one’s ideal weight permanently), seeking effective weight loss products must be a top priority for those who are determined to get favorable results. Going with natural solutions is always ideal, provided the product has been proven effective not only by experts but by actual customers as well.

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Saffron Extract SelectWhat is Satiereal Saffron Extract?

Most people are quite familiar with the culinary ingredient Saffron, which is among the most coveted spices in existence. Satiereal Saffron Extract is a derivative substance from this very popular plant, and it is one that has shown excellent potential as a weight reduction product, specifically as an effective appetite suppressant.

What are the Advertised Benefits of this Product?

Dr. Oz himself, a renowned physician and respective TV personality has presented and endorsed this product as he continues to advocate the use of natural solutions for various health issues such as obesity and other relevant problems. Saffron Extract according to Dr. Oz (as well as other independent reviews on this product), has the following advantages and uses:

Significantly Reduced Appetite

It is common knowledge that excessive consumption of food, especially those laced with animal fat, sugar, salt, and other artificial additives is one of the main causes of weight gain. Saffron extract contains natural enzymes that trick the brain into feeling full for a longer period. This has a direct and significant effect on any individual, especially those who are already on a weight loss diet prior to starting on Saffron Satiereal Extract.

A reduced appetite translates to less snacking in between meals, which is one of the most common pitfalls of dieting. It is easier to not fall off the wagon when a person does not feel hunger for extended periods.
According to independent studies, those who are taking this supplement snacked less (as much as 51%) than those who are taking placebo (who only achieved snacking reduction to about 20-25%). In addition, those who are part of the test group (people taking the actual supplement instead of placebo) feel satisfied easily despite eating light meals.

This is a very effective approach to binge eating, especially that which is the result of emotional anxiety, stress, and low self esteem. It can be a vicious cycle (emotional depression and binge eating) that will ultimately result to more weight gain. While this supplement is not necessarily a cure for depression, it does provide proper aid that allows people to avoid emotional eating by way of boosting serotonin production.
Note” Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that simulates the feeling of elation and general good mood.

Saffron appetite suppressant - Dr Oz recommends

Quick and Steady Weight Loss (reduced inches on the waist within a few weeks)

Many of those who recently tried this product have experienced the rather dreadful yo-yo effect as a result of their diet. That is, the weight loss they experience is sudden but the long term effects are less than desirable. Since the ultimate goal is to actually maintain one’s ideal weight, it is necessary to choose a product that allows quick and steady weight loss without gaining a single pound back after a few weeks or months.

All Natural Ingredients with No Adulterants

What most people are afraid of when trying new weight loss products is the fact that they can never be sure of just how safe the supplement is for them and if they can experience any side effects. One of the things that first time customers can count on with Saffron Extract is that it is an all-natural supplement that is derived from Saffron and is free of any and all adulterants.
The fruit flavored taste is also natural so there is practically no risk in trying the product. Vegans as well as vegetarians can also rest easy knowing that they can take this supplement.

Saffron Extract ingredients


Compared to most other weight loss supplements in the market today, Satiereal Saffron is much more affordable and therefore much easier to obtain even for low-income individuals. Contrary to popular notion, people need not spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in order to lose weight fast.

Other Fringe Benefits

*effective aid for alopecia (genetic hair loss)
*Relief for PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome
*natural solution for premature ejaculation
*Natural diuretic (induces peeing to remove toxins from the body, specifically the kidneys and bladder)

Positive Feedback from Health Experts

One of the pitfalls of using an untested product is that you are at the mercy of trial and error. With this supplement, however, the risk is significantly reduced due to the fact that it is heavily endorsed by reputable medical experts such as Dr. Oz. In addition, online reviews for Saffron Extract have been generally positive.

Satiereal Saffron Extract Reviews

Potential Drawback

This product is 100% natural and therefore safe to use for anyone. However, one minor drawback is the fact that it does not and cannot guarantee an exact number for all users. That is, the results may vary from one individual to another. Some of the success stories featured on Dr. Oz’s show lost as much as 9 pounds in a span of 2 weeks. However, not everyone can expect such drastic weight loss since other factors may affect the net result. i.e. current diet plan, workout regimen, underlying medication condition (hypothyroidism, etc), and other relevant (often undiagnosed) health concerns.

Verdict and Recommendation

Products that offer a long list of health benefits and none of the risks hardly ever come along. However, when they do, it is a shame not to try them especially if they are highly lauded by professionals. Satiereal Saffron Extract appears to be one of the very few weight loss supplements that can actually deliver results and it is definitely worth buying today.

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