Saffron Extract for Weight Loss – Facts You Should Know

Saffron Extract for Weight loss

Saffron Extract for Weight Loss


The war against obesity and corollary weight problems has been waging since the early 70’s when Americans as well as Europeans realized that they are becoming heavier and more prone to diseases caused by being on the heavy end of the scale. While most people who want to lose weight are concerned primarily of the way they look, it cannot be denied that the quest for effective weight loss solutions is a valid cause. For many who have tried almost every conceivable weight loss product and technique known to man (including proper diet and daily exercise), considering alternative options such as natural supplements is the next recourse.

Saffron Extract SelectSaffron Extract has been introduced in the market recently and so far it is one of the most celebrated products in the past decade, considering it is endorsed by some of the most influential personalities on TV today. Basing on the testimonies (by way of medical opinions) or Dr. Oz, this product, which is a derivative of a common culinary ingredient, is one of the most powerful and also among the safest solutions to weight-related problems. Saffron Extract for Weight Loss has become quite a phenomenon, mostly due to consumers’ reaction to its effects.

Check how Saffron Extract is effective as a weight loss supplement

However, while this product has gained popularity, there are still some who do not know exactly how Saffron Extract works and more specifically, how it can help them combat weight gain. Additionally, there are also some people who remain skeptical about this product’s merits, especially in terms of the claims regarding rapid and maintained weight loss.

Below is a list of Saffron Extract benefits as well as the corresponding explanation as to how this product brings about weight loss results in people who are struggling with obesity.

Effective Mood Elevator

Pure Saffron Extract BenefitsCertain psychological conditions such as severe depression or anxiety are closely linked to obesity. Majority of people who deal with undue emotional stress are highly likely to rely on food in order to cope with their depression and/or reach the equilibrium that allows them to function properly. This usually becomes a vicious cycle since overeating can cause weight gain and this would in turn cause more bouts with depression on account of low self esteem or poor self image.

Saffron Extract facilitates the production of more Serotonin in the brain, which results to a better mood and reduced dependency on food for comfort. Serotonin is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that is found mainly in the Gastrointestinal Tract as well as the Central Nervous System. Increased Serotonin production directly translates to feeling full and satisfied, even if the person only ate a small amount food. Serotonin is also attributed to positive feelings such as happiness and elation, which is what most people need in order to keep themselves from reaching into the fridge or the kitchen cupboard every few hours.

Natural production of Serotonin in the GI tract allows people to focus on things other than satisfying their emotional hunger. It can even lead to enough motivation to start doing exercises, albeit light ones, at home everyday. It is very important to note that brain chemistry has a lot to do with weight management, and going about mood elevation the natural way is an ideal solution to overeating and obesity.

Reduced Craving for Sugar, Salt, and Fat

What to eat to burn fatOver the past 25 years, several private as well as government-funded studies have been conducted for purposes of finding out just how much certain food substances affect the human body. Results of such studies have confirmed that certain types of sugars (especially simple sugars such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose) as well as high concentration of saturated fats, affect critical organ systems (circulatory, digestive, endocrine, etc).

Since Saffron Extract was first introduced in the health and wellness market, it has been the subject of various studies, most of which were intended to prove the effect of this substance on people’s cravings for sugar, salt, and fat. On average, subjects who are taking Saffron Extract on the recommended dosage have exhibited less cravings for sweet as well as greasy fares (by as much as 40%). This shows immense promise not only in terms of appetite control but also when it comes to avoiding specific types of foods, i.e. fast food and sweet treats.

If a person can steer clear of unhealthy foods for an extended period of time, losing weight will not be such a challenge since the body will start tapping into fat reserves. More importantly, Saffron Extract makes it easier to stay on course when on a calorie restricted diet.
Note: In a number of clinical studies, the subjects are allowed to eat anything they want (specifically what they crave). As much as 70% of the total number of participants given Saffron Extract (others were given placebo) have exhibited less craving for foods like bacon, burgers, fries, candy, and chocolate.

Prevents Rebound Weight Gain and Most Side Effects of Dieting

Most people who find it hard to lose the extra pounds have an even harder time trying to maintain their ideal weight. While dieting can bring positive results, it can also have negative side effects, not the least of which is rebound weight gain. Saffron Extract does not only allow people to lose weight, but it also helps them avoid gaining back what they worked so hard to shed. The active ingredients in Saffron Extract supplements does not only suppress appetite but they also prevent the body from absorbing more fat content than it needs to meet the daily requirement.

Energy Boosting Effects

The process of metabolism is necessary in order to convert food into usable energy. Since Saffron Extract increases the body’s metabolic rate, it also indirectly contributes to creating more available energy. Most people who are overweight often suffer from lethargy and muscle weakness, both of which is addressed effectively by Saffron Extract. More energy means being able to do physical activities such as exercise, which can further enhance the weight loss effects of Saffron.

Safrron Benefits and Results-

Other Weight Loss Related (as well as fringe)Benefits of Saffron Extract

*Reduced water retention – When the body retains water, it is also likely to hold more toxins for long periods, which can affect metabolic rate as well as fat processing. Ensuring that the body releases liquid waste via urine and sweat ensures that toxins are not trapped in the digestive tract and affect the normal course of converting food to energy.
*Targets Problem Areas of the Body – Excess fat can usually be found in the midsection, thighs, and buttocks. A large number of Saffron Extract users have experienced losing a few inches around the waist as well as other problem areas in as little as 3-4 weeks.
*Prevents flatulence and hyper acidity
*Lessens occurrence of heartburn
*Prevents hardening of the arteries

Saffron Extract Dr. OzWhat Dr. Oz is recommending when he endorsed Saffron Extract is more than just an effective solution to weight problems. This natural supplement is in fact a game changer that tips the scale in favor of those who are looking to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Saffron Extract for weight loss can change the way people look at themselves and how they approach the subject of health in general.

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