Saffron and Saffron Extract Benefits for Weight Loss

Saffron Extract BenefitsIn this article I will write about saffron and saffron extract benefits. You will learn how you can benefit from using this product as a weight loss supplement or heal many other issues.

There is never a shortage of people looking for effective and permanent weight loss solutions, and basing on the sheer number of so-called “miracle products” in the market today, manufacturing companies know this fact all too well. While it is true that there are so many unreliable, sometimes even dangerous weight loss products today, there are also a few that continue to receive praises not only from customers but also from health experts. It is important to note that effective weight management pills or supplements are those that contain just the right type of active ingredients, like saffron extract.

For those who have yet to encounter health supplements that contain this substance, it is highly recommended to know and understand the benefits of Saffron Extract, specifically its role in promoting health and wellness. Listed below are some of the most important health benefits of Saffron Extract as well as other relevant facts that consumers need to know about this ingredient, especially if they are looking to use it for purposes of losing weight.

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Saffron Extract Benefits

Combats Emotional and Binge Eating

What to eat to burn fatA great number of scientific studies have been conducted in an attempt to establish the correlation between depression as well as other mood related problems and overeating. It is a well-documented fact that people with low serotonin levels are more susceptible to emotional stress and therefore have a higher propensity for binge eating. One of the many positive effects of Saffron Extract is its ability to facilitate higher levels of serotonin production. Serotonin is a biochemical neurotransmitter that control a number of impulses such as cravings (feeling hungry despite having eaten enough food), mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

Higher levels of serotonin would allow for a more stable emotional state, which effectively prevents anxiety-driven binging. Many people do not realize that their emotional well being can be greatly influenced by their body’s lack of biochemical stability. Regular use of Saffron Extract would even out the serotonin deficit and allow people to avoid overeating permanently.

Effective Appetite Suppressant

This benefit is closely related to the first item mentioned. However, appetite suppression in this case is more specific since it reduces a person’s craving for carbohydrates as well as sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc). As most people are aware of, empty carbs found in fast food and most pre-processed food products are some of the main culprits of obesity. What is even more important is the fact that it is hard for most people to cut back on carbohydrates and sweets even when they are on a strict calorie-restricted diet. Taking Saffron Extract as a regular supplement helps people to ween themselves off food items that contain high amounts of carbs and processed sugar.

Steady But Safe Weight Loss (Sans the Rebound Weight Gain Effect)

Saffron Extract Dr. OzDr. Oz, a highly respected physician and diet expert with his own popular TV show, has made it very clear that losing weight fast is not nearly as important as maintaining one’s ideal weight. While there are in fact a number of weight loss pills and supplements that can provide rapid weight reduction, very few can guarantee lasting effects due to the dreaded rebound weight gain syndrome. This usually happens to people who undergo extremely challenging diets or take weight loss pills that do not have the right set of active ingredients. What Saffron Extract provides is steady and safe weight loss that can easily be maintained since it also acts as an effective appetite suppressant.

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One of the many dangers of having a yo-yo effect on one’s weight is that it takes a toll on self esteem and confidence. Most people who try to lose weight only to succeed but gain all the weight back in a few months are likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, which will eventually lead to emotional eating. When unnecessary snacking and binge eating tendencies are under control, it is a lot easier to maintain one’s ideal weight, as opposed to constantly counting calories and trying to beat the scale on a daily basis.

Saffron Extract Fringe Benefits

While Saffron Extract is currently heavily marketed as a weight loss ingredient, it has many other health benefits that people should know about. After all, there is no harm in Relief for PMS.
Women who suffer from chronic Premenstrual Syndrome will find Saffron Extract a rather useful supplement. Cramps can be particularly unpleasant, especially when they last for more than a few days at a time. Saffron has extraordinary relaxing effects that prevents muscle tension, especially around the lower abdominal area where PMS cramps usually occur.


Saffron extract benefits for weight loss


Improved Level of Concentration

While there has yet to be a definitive study that would confirm the positive effects of Saffron on a person’s concentration, many tests have shown the link between the usage of this spice (and its derivatives) and higher levels of concentration. This is rather promising especially to people who battle Attention Deficit and/or Hyperactivity Disorder (common in children and teens).

Effective Aid for Various Sleep Disorders

Taking Saffron Extract supplements regularly aids in reducing the ill effects of sleep disorders such as insomnia, parasomnia, somnambulism (sleep walking), premature waking, and many others. It allows the brain to achieve REM and maintain such state without interruption. REM or Rapid Eye Movement is a necessary stage in the human sleep cycle since it is when tissue repair and cell regeneration occurs all over the body.

Other benefits of the Saffron Spice also include the following:

Saffron Extract Select*Relief for whooping cough, Asthma, bronchial infection, sneezing, Allergic Rhinitis, and persistent colds
*Natural treatment for alopecia and male pattern baldness
*Prevents premature ejaculation
*Natural aphrodisiac
*Induces sweat (excellent for daily detoxification)

What is worth to mention Saffron Extracts side effects are not known. Whether consumed as a supplement (Satiereal Saffron Extract) or used as an ingredient for various dishes, Saffron is certainly an excellent product to have on hand at home.

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