How to Suppress Appetite the Natural Way – Tips for People on a Diet

How to suppress appetite effectively

How to suppress appetite effectively

Appetite suppression is just about the trickiest things in the book as far as diet and weight loss is concerned. Since appetite is an impulse that is controlled by the brain, it is extremely difficult to restrict especially for those who fall under the category of emotional and/or binge eaters. Many people who are trying to lose weight wonder about the effective ways on how to suppress appetite, preferably without having to resort to dangerous products or pills.
Below are natural and clever means on reducing appetite for the purpose of cutting back on overall food consumption.

Hydrate More

Liquids are very helpful in suppressing appetite because they fill the stomach well sans the unnecessary calories. Water, fruit juices, and shakes are highly recommended for people who are trying to cut back on food consumption and following their diet plan to the letter. The average daily requirement for a person is 8-10 glasses of water (or any sort of liquid). However, this amount should be augmented by 5 more glasses in order to effectively reduce appetite.

Drink Tea

Drink more teaWhile there are many weight loss products that use tea as the main ingredient, this beverage in itself is not a well known appetite suppressant. However, a significant bulk of anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that tea (especially exotic varieties) is effective in curbing appetite and preventing hunger pangs. Drinking about 2-3 cups of tea (preferably freshly brewed each time), everyday can curb hunger by about 20-30% within the first 4-6 weeks.

Load Up on Whole Grains

Curbing one’s appetite does not always entail having to skip meals or not indulging in snacks. In fact, snacking can help reduce unnecessary intake of calories during the day. Consumption of whole grain snacks such as whole wheat toast, multigrain bagel (with no smear or cream cheese), granola, and other similar types of food allow people to stay full without necessarily imbibing calories.
Healthy snacking is key to being able to skip meals (especially dinner), and staving off appetite for greasy foods.

Focus on Physical Activities or Hobbies

In most cases, a healthy distraction is all people need in order to avoid snacking. Curbing one’s appetite is a possibility when a person is suitably occupied with other activities that require either high levels of concentration or long stretches of time. When a person’s concentration is steered away from food and food related topics, it is a lot easier to skip snacks. After some time, it would become a lot easier to forget about eating in between meals because other things take priority.

Some of the things that have been proven as effective diversions include puzzles, gardening, cardio exercise, yoga, and other light physical activities.

Note: When the body exerts energy, especially in the form of exercise, the brain releases more endorphins and serotonin, both of which simulates the feeling of contentment and elation. This is ideal for emotional eaters because they do not feel the urge to binge as a result of depression and/or anxiety.

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Eat Dark Chocolate

If you are to indulge in sweets, you might want to pick this bittersweet option. Dark chocolate is perhaps one of the most effective, if not great tasting appetite suppressants that exist. Not only does it curb appetite, but it also contains a lot of antioxidants that prevent premature cell degeneration. Since dark chocolate barely contains any sugar, it makes for a healthy snack as well. Granted, you still have to limit your consumption in order to keep up with calorie restrictions, but eating dark chocolate on a regular basis is highly recommended.

Get Adequate Sleep

Many clinical as well as field studies on obesity have produced data on the correlation between sleep and overeating. It has been proven that people who sleep less than 6 hours every night are more likely to snack and binge on unhealthy foods than those who get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. In order to effectively avoid overeating, be sure that you turn in at a decent hour, or at least get adequate amount of sleep each night.

Other Methods

There are many other natural methods on how to suppress appetite, one of which is by taking supplements. The market right now has a few promising products such as the Satiereal Saffron Extract, which comes highly recommended by health experts. Dr. Oz, a highly respected and popular physician, has featured this particular product on his show and gave glowing remarks about Saffron Extracts benefits.

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